Friday, December 9, 2016

Week 10 EOC: Benefits VS Features

Benefits: Successful marketing mixes have been carefully designed to satisfy target markets. PAGE 27. The benefits of the product will be that it opens your mind to other cultures of the world. It informs you that there isn't just a handful of cultures there is a huge variety of cultures and lifestyles out there. The box itself will stay with you throughout the years. It can be used as a jewelry box or a box imply just to keep your personal belongings. Its something for any and every person.  A market-oriented organization recognizes that different customer groups want different features or benefits. It may therefore need to develop different goods, services, and promotional appeals. PAGE 10. 

Features: The features will include the pamphlet inside that will describe us, LUXX, and describe the feature and overall theme of the box including the chocolates. Marketing entails processes that focus on delivering value and benefits to customers, not just selling goods, services, and/or ideas. It uses communication, distribution, and pricing strategies to provide customers and other stakeholders with the goods, services, ideas, values, and benefits they desire when and where they want them. PAGE 2. What we are is a chocolate company, plain and simple. Along with the sweet chocolates is the diversity and the culture that would be the theme of the box. The design of the box; inside and out. The decorative pamphlet and the sweet chocolates that will be infused with the different spices of that selected country.

Friday, December 2, 2016

Week 9 EOC : My Creative Content

For my creative content I will be collecting and experimenting with different flavors into chocolate depending on the culture we will be presenting on the box for the release. The very first release will be celebrating the American culture. Some of the most beloved flavors by the American people for the world to see what we love most. The design of the box will be absolutely everything. Integrating the American culture as being a melting pot of all cultures. It is the perfect start to a wonderful series of chocolates that will be delivered to the world. Indian, Chinese, Japanese, French, Russian, Polynesian, Chilean, etc. All these are beautiful cultures and should be shared with the world to show how amazing we are all. These chocolates will bring us all together. I will also be creating the web page where we will be able to purchase our beloved boxes. The box will be having the American flag with red white and blue jewels and crystals. Inside the box will contain blue and red velvet with 30 chocolates consisting of our flavors chosen by professionals. In the very middle will have a pamphlet named "A MESSAGE FROM LUXX". Inside will consist the start of LUXX chocolates and a brief background of the melting pot that is the American culture. Our website will be similar to the pamphlet in the box with access to a video chat with our professionals if they have any questions we did not answer in our FAQ page. 

Friday, November 18, 2016

Implementation Evaluation Control

As for implementing this idea into the real life I know it is possible. Finding the right designers and chocolatiers would be a challenge but there are some experimental pastry chefs that love to try out new flavors of chocolate. With that alone we can also introduce a new upcoming pastry chef included in our brochure. Shedding light on new upcoming talent in the culinary world as well as shedding light onto new designers ( those who would design the box under our label ). This company will have it's roots on diversity and trying new things. Why not bring new talent that we believe in to our product. Advertising that displays the product's superiority over competing brands or guarantees can also help relieve the possible dissonance of someone who has already bought the product. Lamb, Charles W. MKTG. Toronto: Nelson Education, 2009. Print. Page 96. After we bring the product together we will also team up with videographers, photographers and models (all upcoming) and create a fabulous product with an undeniable burst of new talent and creativity. Working together great things can happen such as LUXX chocolates.

This collaborative chocolate experience can be a part of your life as well! Under our INTERNSHIP tab we will give you a chance to submit your work to us to see if you can be included in our next upcoming design. Brand loyalty, a consistent preference for one brand over all others, is quite high in some product categories. More than half the consumers in product categories such as cigarettes, mayonnaise, toothpaste, coffee, headache remedies, bath soap, and ketchup are loyal to one brand. Lamb, Charles W. MKTG. Toronto: Nelson Education, 2009. Print. Page 181. By doing this it makes the product more personal and rare as the boxes are not produced a second time. The funding for this project will come from a variety of sources as the box will be a product of everyone that put their work and effort in. Everyone working on the box will be included in the pamphlet and on our YouTube channel. From this product we create a creative collection all in the name of sweet chocolates!


As for the price point of the chocolates we will cater from millennial to a higher middle class. All smaller boxes will start off at $100.00 and then slightly go up in price depending on your desired size and number of chocolates included in the box.   Lower-income consumers are price sensitive, but they will pay for products if they deliver a benefit that is worth the money. Conversely, wealthy customers with money to spend may value the social message of their purchases above all else. Lamb, Charles W. MKTG. Toronto: Nelson Education, 2009. Print. Page 7. We do understand that millennial do have a much tougher time in purchasing something that is of high value but with the story behind every box and the experience. that comes with it makes it all worth while.

Although the box of chocolates is rated as a high value luxury, we still are quite affordable to those who shop only luxury.  A high-quality product that is available only at a high price will not be perceived as a good value, nor will bare-bones service or low-quality goods selling for a low price. Price is a component of value (a $4,000 handbag is perceived as being more luxurious and of higher quality than one selling for $100), but low price is not the same as good value. Lamb, Charles W. MKTG. Toronto: Nelson Education, 2009. Print. Page 7


As for distribution purposes we will be starting off small. We will be selling our product online on our web store. Place, or distribution, strategies are concerned with making products available when and where customers want them. Would you rather buy a kiwi fruit at the 24-hour grocery store within walking distance or fly to Australia to pick your own? Lamb, Charles W. MKTG. Toronto: Nelson Education, 2009. Print. Page 28" But once they sell out, they sell out and we never restock. I believe that the concept of exclusivity will make the product that much more desirable to people. I would prefer for not other websites to sell our product because I would want any and all questions and concerns about our product to come directly to our company as opposed to a second party or third party retailer. As for distributing we would slowly open our own store. Small of course and elegantly dealing with only the finest chocolates. We will only open our store when we are ready and when we believe we have enough money to deal with low margins and enough product to satisfy the high demand we would get in a store. "An Independent retailer is owned by a person or group and is not operated as part of a larger network. Around the world, most retailers are independent, operating singular stores within a local community. Lamb, Charles W. MKTG. Toronto: Nelson Education, 2009. Print. Page 260" I would much rather have my own independent retailer as opposed to dealing with a franchise that at any moment can change the original methods of  LUXX CHOCOLATES. Slow and steady will win this chocolate race!


For promotion we will be using the amazing social media platform known as Instagram. More than three-fourths of Americans have mobile phones, and over one-third of those are smartphones. Fifty-five percent of mobile phone owners access the Web on their phones, making mobile Web sites and apps more important. Lamb, Charles W. MKTG. Toronto: Nelson Education, 2009. Print. Page 306. We will be showcasing the inspiration behind the boxes with permission of said artist before posting. We will be working with upcoming fashion photographers and models from Instagram and VFILES. We embrace culture and diversity and we welcome new ideas. We are not just creating boxes that follow a straight line in terms of design. Each box is innovative and different than the last. Hashtags are ok but too many hashtags waters down an image and product. We keep it simple in terms of online branding when it comes to hashtags but when explaining the inspiration behind the box we dish it out in the caption. We need to know about product classifications because business and consumer products are marketed differently. They are marketed to different target markets and tend to use different distribution, promotion, and pricing strategies. Lamb, Charles W. MKTG. Toronto: Nelson Education, 2009. Print. Page 174. Also another plus to advertising on Instagram is that you don't have to pay for it and it'll make it more simple for potential clients to browse through our products in detail and then click the link in our bio that goes directly to our website for purchase. All of our inquires will be through the website.


Our product will be a thick box made out of wood.  Our first product will be just as shown. It will be describing the great American culture. It will consist of all the amazing flavors that American is wildly known for. It will consist of cherry filled chocolates, white milk chocolates,  coffee infused chocolates and dark chocolates. All will be made by our world renowned chocolate-tiers. New product lines: These products, which the firm has not previously offered, allow it to enter an established market. Lamb, Charles W. MKTG. Toronto: Nelson Education, 2009. Print. Page 192.This will not be something that has been offered to the public before. Possibly something similar to this during the 4th Of July but this will go more in depth. Including the pamphlet that goes inside the box. The box will be adorned with crystals and be very luxurious. It will be something you can pass down through the family or give it as a wonderful gift to a friend or loved one over the holidays or for a birthday. The marketing concept suggests that customers' wants and needs should be the springboard for developing new products. Companies can derive insight from listening to Internet chatter or reading blogs, which often indicate early trends or areas consumers are interested in seeing develop or change.  Lamb, Charles W. MKTG. Toronto: Nelson Education, 2009. Print. Page 193. The box inside will be handcrafted ad hand stitched with the finest velvet's. You are not just buying a box a chocolates you are buying something that is going to stay with you for a lifetime. It will be a part of your every day life as you travel or simply just live. And it will only be sold through our website and no where else. We will not have a brick and mortar store. The pamphlet inside the box will contain a series of colorful campaigning advertisements and a brief background/bio of each designer and creative that was a part of this wonderful project. You get to know us as being a more personal part of our product. You twill know the hard work that each person has put into giving you this sweet box of chocolates.